Our Programmes


The ‘Intuition’ package is truly innovative offering a modular programme structure whereby participants can make their own choices about areas of their lives they feel would benefit from further focus and support.  It offers a need-based approach enabling individuals to build their own support intervention dependent on their personal circumstances. The programmes draw upon the latest neuroscientific research, exploring the connection between the emotional centres of the limbic brain and the pre frontal cortex.   All programmes are underpinned by Restorative Practice Approaches, Trauma Informed Care and Practice, Cognitive Behavioural Theory and Rational Emotive Behavioural Theory.   We currently offer three programmes as part of this package; Intuition, Intuitive Relationships and Intuitive Parenting.  All programmes are also offered separately.


The Intuition programme is a gender specific programme which advocates the benefits of women developing confidence in their own intuition by developing the skills that will enable her to listen to it.  It consists of six 2.5 hour sessions.  Suitable for female participants only




Intuitive Relationships is designed to explore existing healthy and unhealthy relationships that may be present in individual lives.  It encourages the setting of relationship goals and introduces communication styles and techniques that help maintain them. It consists of four 2.5 hour sessions and is non gender specific.




Intuitive Parenting is designed to highlight the strengths and development areas of parenthood.  It offers an input into understanding the development needs of a child and how this can be used to improve, build and retain connection, helping children to thrive.  It consists of six 2.5 hour sessions and is non gender specific.



The Connect programme brings focus to the impact of prison on intimate and family relationships.  Connect works with prisoners and prisoners families to help them reconnect, restore and retain healthy family connections through the custodial period, on release and beyond.   The programme is underpinned by Restorative Practice Approaches, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy.   It consists of six 2.5 hour sessions and is suitable for adults whose lives are affected by imprisonment.