Our Programmes

Magistra Ltd has developed a suite of restorative practice interventions, aimed at helping individuals who wish to make changes to their behaviour; and gain greater control over their lives. Restorative Practice is an emerging social science, which integrates developments from a variety of disciplines and fields including education, psychology, social work, criminology, sociology, organisational development and leadership.

Whilst most restorative approaches in the UK focus on reactive Restorative Justice processes through victim/ offender conferencing models, wider Restorative Practice principles are now being applied as a preventive approach in schools, family services, local authorities, probation approved premises and prisons.

Magistra Ltd is a registered provider with the Restorative Justice Council, which means that all our programmes and training have been designed to incorporate the RJC code of practice guidelines; and we have channelled our combined 46 years’ experience of working with troubled, vulnerable and disadvantaged individuals into designing innovative interventions that work WITH individuals to gain greater control over their lives, rather than having things done TO them or FOR them.  All our programmes are offered through a licencing model which includes an evaluation framework, and all Quality Assurance processes.  Click here for more details about Magistra Ltd Programmes offer.

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An Empowerment Programme for Women




A Restorative Relationship Programme




A Restorative Approach to Parenting




A Restorative Family Support Programme




A Restorative Programme for Young People




A Treatment Programme for Substance Use Disorders




An Emotional Management Programme




A Restorative Programme for the Workplace