An Empowerment Programme for Women

Many women-centred interventions focus on introducing skills and techniques to support women in a practical sense to manage situations and relationships in their lives.  Whilst these approaches can be useful, they become redundant if a woman does not believe in herself or trust her own instincts.  The ‘Intuition’ programme therefore advocates the benefits of women developing confidence in their own intuition by developing the skills that will enable her to listen to it.

“Your intuition knows what to do.

The trick is getting your head to shut up, so you can hear”.

 Louise Smith, The Lessons of Life


Programme design and structure:

One of the guiding principles of Restorative Practice is that people are more likely to make positive changes, if they believe people in authority are working WITH them, rather than doing things TO them or FOR them.  Despite growing recognition of the benefits of Restorative Practice approaches, many organisations continue to use prescriptive methods and practices when dealing with people, replacing open conversation with “tick lists”, to ‘inform’ individuals of the problem areas in their lives that need to be worked on to resolve problematic issues/behaviour.  In reality, this represents the ‘TO’ approach merely disguised by an illusion of WITH.

As a short duration programme, ‘Intuition’ uses a supported signposting model, to enable supportive links to be established, thus providing sustainability and continued care within the local area.


The programme involves 6 x 2.5-hour CORE sessions, which make up the title programme, “Intuition”.  The focus of these sessions is to allow women to explore the joys and challenges of being a woman, focusing on the societal, cultural, and personal expectations that can cause problems and get in the way of listening to our intuitive self.  The CORE sessions are designed to empower women to “trust in themselves”, by highlighting and challenging the thoughts and feelings that block this; and examining their personal strengths that can assist them to make positive life choices.

The Programme can be delivered as a stand alone programme, or alongside Intuitive Relationships and Intuitive Parenting, which make up the Intuition Package.  Click INTUITION PACKAGE to find out more.

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