The Intuitive Parenting programme is designed to highlight the strengths and development areas of parenthood. The programme offers an input into   understanding the developmental needs of a child and focuses on how this can be used to improve, build and retain connection, helping children to thrive.


The programme can be delivered through 6 x 2.5 hour sessions or as an intensive 3-day workshop depending on the context of delivery, that enable participants to strengthen their relationships with their child(ren).


Celebrating Parenthood

Explore how you Parent

Understanding your Child(ren)

Develop skills to Connect with your Child(ren)

Learn Techniques to Manage the Stress of Parenting

The Programme can be delivered as a stand alone programme, or alongside Intuition and Intuitive Relationships, which make up the Intuition Package.  Click INTUITION PACKAGE to find out more.

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