The Intuitive Relationships programme is designed to explore existing healthy and unhealthy relationships that may be present in our lives.  It encourages the setting of relationship goals and introduces restorative practice principles to improve communication skills and techniques that can help maintain them.


The programme can be delivered through 4 x 2.5 hour sessions or as an intensive 2-day workshop depending on the context of delivery.  The Intuitive Relationships programme will assist participants to recognise their strengths and develop skills that will manage relationship stress effectively and reduce conflict in a way that builds and retains healthy and harmonious relationships.

Recognise Strengths to Enhance Relationships

Manage Conflict and Reduce Stress

Develop Skills to Build Healthy Connections

Improve Communication Skills

Promote Harmonious Relationships

The Programme can be delivered as a stand alone programme, or alongside Intuition and Intuitive Parenting, which make up the Intuition Package.  Click INTUITION PACKAGE to find out more.

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