Magistra Ltd Programmes Offer

All Magistra Programmes / Interventions include a bespoke evaluation framework and are being offered through a Licensing Model, whereby Magistra Ltd will train up to 12 in-house/supply chain staff at a time, as follows:

• 1 day Restorative Practice Training
• 1 day Groupwork Facilitator Training
• Programme specific training to deliver:

  • Connect, Lifeboat, Intuition, Intuitive Relationships, Intuitive Parenting, Restoring Minds and Toolbox each require 1 further day
  • Full Intuition Package (3 programmes) requires 2 further days
  • Restorative Recovery requires 3 further days

On completion of training each facilitator will receive a Facilitator Pack, which includes a facilitator manual/s, USB with session PowerPoint presentations and materials.

The Licence assumes that each programme will be delivered 4 times per year with 12 participants in each, therefore includes 48 Participant Journals per programme. Each Licence includes 2 Resource Packs comprising of bespoke marketing posters, leaflets and all additional learning resources.

The Licence also includes Quality Assurance processes to be undertaken by Magistra Ltd per programme including:

• 1 Observation Visit per programme (2 per programme for Restorative Recovery)
• 1 post programme Supervision Session for Facilitators
• Wraparound Support for Facilitators via email or telephone
• 1 Service User Focus Group per year
• Analysis of Evaluation Tools incorporated into each programme
• Production of an Annual Report
• Independent Evaluation of 8 completed programmes by University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN).


Magistra Ltd can also assist with initial implementation of the programmes should this be required. The cost of this service can be negotiated accordingly to take account of the delivery context.

Please contact to enquire about this offer further, or for other information about our programmes and services.